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My blog, Reflective Altruism, uses academic research to drive positive change within and around the effective altruism movement. 

Podcasts and interviews

The Gradient (May 2024)

Vanderbilt Philosophy Faculty Interviews (April 2024)

Critiques of EA (April 2023)
Blog of the APA (October 2020)

Press releases, etc.

Vanderbilt University expertfile, "Arguments against the singularity - and what we should worry about instead" (June 2024)

Vanderbilt research news, "Vanderbilt philoisopher says optimism about existential risk is central to reducing" it (September 2023)

Getting in touch

I'm generally excited to speak to public audiences about my work. I am most excited to speak about questions related to my academic research on bounded rationality, longtermism, and the philosophy of artificial intelligence. You can reach me at


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